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What Is A Square Of Roofing?

what is a square of roofing

In the roofing industry, there are many terms that most Roofing Sulphur Springs TX individuals are not familiar with. One of the most common questions that most roofing specialists get is “What are roofing squares and how big are they in terms of yards and feet?” 

For customers and clients who are not well-versed in the roofing industry, a roofing square is a measurement all on its own. Not only is this unit of measurement important when measuring a roof, but it has an important role on repairs and the replacement of roofs. 

But before we get into some conversion and crunch some numbers into the mix, we have to first determine what is a roofing square and why this level of measurement is important towards roofing contractors and specialists.

What is a Roofing Square?

To put things in a simpler perspective, a roofing square has a measurement of 100 square feet. Normally, you’ll find that roofing contractors and specialists will use this term instead of saying “100 square feet” since it will make things simpler and can help expedite the roofing process. It can be a bit cumbersome and time-consuming for most contractors to convert feet to yards, which is why most contractors would rather use square roof as a term. 

Steps To Measuring Roof Square Footage

Safety First

Your safety is the first thing that you should think about when going on a roof. First, you have to use a sturdy ladder that’s situated on a flat and stable surface. It’s also highly recommended that you use boots or rubber shoes that have good traction so that the chances of falling from your roof are mitigated.


With the inclusion of dormers, write down the length and width of your roof using a tape measure. In most cases, shingles and other roofing materials are susceptible to damage from weight and impacts, so it’s best to be careful when walking on your roof. If you think that there is an area that’s more vulnerable to weight, it’s recommended to stay clear from that area. 


Finally, for the calculation, you have to multiply the length by the width of each plane so you can determine the square footage. You’ll be able to get all the total footage by adding everything together. 

If you’re not sure on how you’ll be getting to your roof or if you don’t have the proper safety and measuring equipment, then no worries, you can always commission a roofing specialist to do all the work for you. Having a professional work on your roof can definitely make things easier. 

Roofing Pitch and Square Roof Area 

Measuring the pitch of the roof can be a complex task. However, this is one of the most necessary parts of planning out and measuring your roof. A pitch is a way of measuring the steepness of the slope of your roof. In most cases, roofs with higher elevation will have a higher pitch and roofs with a lower rate of elevation will have a lower pitch. 

An example of a pitch is 3/12. The 3 is the number of inches of vertical elevation while the 12 is the distance of inches that’s being traversed. So for every 12 inches, that’s being traversed on the roof, there will be a difference of 3 inches of elevation. 

To calculate for the pitch of a square roof area, climb to the peak of the roof then bring the two-foot level. With the use of a tape measure, you can determine how many inches the middle of your level and your roof.  For the roofing industry, you will need to use the following constant:

  • Low Pitch: 1.07 x Roofing Squares
  • Medium Pitch: 1.185 x Roofing Squares
  • High Pitch: 1.36 x Roofing Squares

The roofing material that you’ll be using for your roof will also depend on your pitch, certain roofing materials work better on lower pitches while some can endure higher pitches. 

Ultimately, planning out and measuring your roof is half the battle. However, planning and execution are two different things. You might be able to have clear and coherent measurement and planning, but having professionals execute the process for you will help expedite the process. Moreover, this will minimize any damage caused by misplaced roofing materials and equipment. At the end of the day, the goal is to lengthen the lifespan of our roofing Sulphur Springs TX.

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