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TPO Roofing

TPO: A Reliable and Dependable Roofing Option

The next time you plan to install a new roof and single ply roofing comes to mind, call up Nunez Roofing LLC and ask about the option of thermoplastic olefin (TPO) roofing. Thermoplastics or TPO is a high quality commercial flat roofing material that has set high standards in superior insulation, durability and reflective features to the extent of becoming a leading choice among property owners in East Texas area.

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While TPO’s efficiency is comparable to EPDM or PVC, its cost is much lower than both. It combines the heat welding ability of PVC with the heat UV-resistance capacity of EPDM. This relatively new material which hit the market about 30 years ago, has become the go-to alternative to PVC roofing materials.  It consists of a TPO polymer base; polyester-reinforced fabric center (scrim) and thermoplastic polyolefin compounded top ply.


Features and Benefits

TPO is divided into sheet layers made using a mixture of ethylene-propylene polypropylene and polymers which are reinforced with polyester. Once TPO gets laid down on the roof, the technicians will hot air-weld the edges together to create an air and watertight seam. After that, the  material is fastened to the roof. It’s easy to install over larger areas, which makes it a great choice for larger commercial buildings that have a low slope roof.

TPO membranes are white on the surface making them UV and heat resistant. This ensures that your building is well insulated and can reduce your energy costs overall. The material is also environmentally friendly, meeting EPA regulations and is fully recyclable. The smooth surface makes it easier to clean and there are different thicknesses to choose from.


Advantages of TPO Roofing

Affordability: If you are constructing on a tight budget, you want to choose TPO roofing for your residential or commercial building because of its affordability. TPO offers the same energy efficiency and can be hot-air welded at a fraction of what PVC requires.

Adaptability: TPO can easily be adapted to match different building exteriors and styles. It is available in black, white or gray, all of which have strong UV resistance levels.  This means you get the protection you need with the look you want.

Strength and durability: TPO roofing is designed to resist tears, punctures, dirt build-up and mold growth. That defines a strong product that saves you money in the long haul in terms of repair and cleaning costs. It also has a certain flexibilty that allows it to “breathe” as necessary during significant temperature fluctuations, which can occur due to the hot Texas sun.

Energy efficient: Very few roofing products combine factors like environmental friendliness and cost saving the way TPO does. TPO keeps you home cool during summer, saving you money and keeping your environment clean at the same time.

Simple installation: TPO is light and comes in wide sheets meaning a smaller amount of seams for a product that is also easy to install. This means if you hire Nunez Roofing, the technicians will spend less time working on your project compared to other roofing options. Less time translates to less labor costs meaning you will end up saving money.


Drawbacks of TPO Roofing

Unsuitable for excess heat: While TPO does well in saving energy costs due to its reflective nature, it is not well suited for situations when the heat becomes excessive. TPO roofing can actually fail entirely in places where temperatures become tremendously high. Nunez Roofing can offer advice before you settle for TPO roofing if you are unsure.

Requires Expert Installers: Unlike some other roofing options, the installation of a TPO roof is filled with potential difficulties and pitfalls.  That’s why it’s essential for a business or home owner who wishes to install TPO roofing to call a professional.

Shorter Warranty: Because TPO technology is relatively new, the warranties offered on the materials aren’t as long as other commercial roofing materials.  Most companies offer a warranty of between 15 and 20 years.


Final Thoughts

TPO is still a new technology and, as a result, may not be the best choice for all situations. However, there are some solid features that make it a perfect choice over some conventional roofing materials.  As such, it’s best to work with a qualified professional who has expertise and training with TPO roofing, including ways to prevent the potential problems and minimize the drawbacks that are currently identified.

So call us today for all your TPO roofing needs.  We’d love to hear from you!