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Slate Roofing Sulphur Springs

Things to Think About Before Getting a Slate Roof

What comes to your mind the moment your roofing contractor mentions slate? For most homeowners in the East Texas area it’s durability and elegance. Nunez Roofing Sulphur Springs TX has been installing slate roofs for over 10 years now, and homeowners love it for its simplicity, longevity and natural beauty.

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Slate is highly recommended whether you are doing a new roof installation or replacing a worn out one for many good reasons.  Most roofing contractors will recommend slate for your next roofing project, based on the overall easy maintenance, price, aesthetics and longevity that this material provides.


Custom-Made Homes

Drive around the east Texas area and you will notice that slate tiles are found on some of the oldest buildings around. This magnificent metamorphic stone roofing material makes long-lasting shingles which produce some of the most durable roofs in today’s market. Slate roofs are especially popular with owners of custom-made homes for their beauty, long lifespans and warranties.

Slate has several other benefits as well. And like most roofing materials, there are some downsides as well.  Here a few factors to think about when considering slate as a roofing option.


The Benefits of Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is associated with a number of positive benefits. Here are just a few:

Appearance – Slate has a natural beauty that is truly unique among roofing materials. You will find nothing else in the market that comes close to slate in appearance. These roofing stones are available in different thicknesses and sizes, as well as a wide variety of colors such as black, red, green, gray, purple and even some types that have a mix of colors.

Durability – a slate roof is built to last between 100 and 150 years which is a reasonable period as long as it is installed by an expert roofer. Most other roofing materials last at most just half that amount.

Fire Resistance – When it comes to fire safety, it’s hard to beat a slate roof.  The metamorphic rock is naturally fireproof. It can easily protect your home from fires caused by stray embers, lightening, or even, god forbid, wildfires.

Eco-friendly – research shows that about five percent of that waste that reaches landfills comes from roofing materials.  Since slate is so long lasting, the likelihood of slate shingles being part of that percentage is small.


A Few Reasons Why Slate May Not Be the Best Option

With all those positive benefits, it’s easy to over look the potential drawbacks that slate has. The following are what every homeowner should consider before installing a slate roof:

Higher Up Front Cost—  While it’s not the most expensive option out there, slate does carry a higher initial price tag.  This is mainly due to the material as well as the expertise and time needed for installation.  But considering how long it lasts, the investment can be a great one.

Tough installation – Despite what other roofing contractors may say, installing a slate roof takes experience, expertise, and a serious investment in time.  At Nunez roofing, we have everything it takes to get the job done the right the first time.

Weight – Slate is heavy. The average roof weighs about 1200 pounds per square, or 100 square feet. The structural integrity of your home must be evaluated before installation to see if it can withstand the weight.

Fragility – While it’s durable, slate is also extremely fragile. Only an experienced roofer should ever walk on the roof due to the potential of breakage.

Replacement Difficulty – Since slate comes in larger lots, and is a natural material, it can be difficult to find replacement slates with the same coloration for a seamless look.


Who Should Install Slate?

Whether you install a slate roof is entirely up to you.  However, there are a few factors to consider when looking at this option.  First, if you’re planning on selling your home in the next decade, you might want to consider other, less expensive options.  However, if you’re in your dream location, and planning on staying for retirement, or at least a few decades, slate is a great overall investment.

A slate roof can be a serious, and welcomed investment in your home and family.  It provides great overall protection from the elements and fire, and gives a look that will last far beyond most roofing systems.  It can be an expensive choice up front, but the Nunez Roofing LLC team on the job, you’ll find that it’s money well spent. Call us today!