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Roof Maintenance Sulphur Springs

Why Roof Maintenance is So Important


Quick – what’s directly over your head?  If you’re inside, and you said your ceiling or roof, chances are that’s the first time in a long time that you’ve actually thought about this part of your home or business.  It’s to be expected.  If a roof is well designed and properly installed, most business or home owners don’t need to give them too much thought.  Unfortunately, this ability to be worry-free when it comes to roofs can lead to problems.  That’s why having a comprehensive roof maintenance plan us – One of the Top Roofers in Sulphur Springs TX in place is so important.

Roof Maintenance Sulphur Springs

What Exactly is a Roof Maintenance Plan?

Simply put, a roof maintenance plan is a way to make sure that small problems don’t turn into big ones.  Even if everything looks satisfactory from the street level, damage could be taking place without your knowledge.  Things such as water or moisture infiltration, mold growth, even animal activity and insect infestations can go unnoticed until it becomes a serious issue.

A roof maintenance plan is a great way to head problems like that off at the pass, before they turn into major headaches.  And if you work with professionals like we have at Nunez Roofing, LLC, the process couldn’t be simpler.

The first step in creating your unique roof maintenance plan is to give us a call.  We’ll send experienced members of our team to do a baseline assessment of your roof, and discuss your concerns with you.  Once that is completed, we’ll do any necessary repairs to make sure your roof is in great condition.

After that, we’ll schedule at your convenience regular visits to provide for roof cleaning, doing minor repairs as needed, and potentially resealing or repainting as needed.  The plan, and our efforts will be tailored to fit your exact needs.


What Are the Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance?

There are plenty of benefits to creating a comprehensive roof maintenance plan for your building.  First, it’s a great way to keep your overall costs down.  By having a professional team, Nunez Roofing routinely checking for problems or potential dangers, you can authorize us to do the minor fixes or repairs quickly an easily as a part of the plan itself.  That way we can make sure that a minor issue doesn’t become a bigger problem.

If you have a commercial roof, another great benefit of regular roof maintenance is that it helps to keep your liability insurance costs under control.  Often insurance companies that specialize in commercial buildings will provide significant policy discounts if you can shown that you, or someone on your behalf does regular cleaning and maintenance on the roof of the building.  In addition, since the roof is kept in good condition overall, the effective lifespan of the roof can be increased.  It’s also a great way to reduce your exposure to liability from tenant injury or damage to property.  Plus, it helps to keep everyone safe and working in a leak free environment.

At your home, regular roof maintenance is also a great idea.  Not only does it reduce the chances for costly major repairs, but it’s a good way to help maintain the integrity of the roof as a whole, which means that its effective life span can be greater than expected.  A well maintained roof can contribute to the health and welfare of your family.  Finding and fixing potential problems or leaks fast means that there is less of a chance of things such as mold or mildew becoming issues.


Who Should Maintain My Roof?

Ideally, the company that first installed your roof is a great choice for roof maintenance.  However, that’s not always a feasible choice.  So that leaves two basic options.  The first is to do the maintenance yourself.  There are a few problems with this choice, including safety and time concerns.  Also, insurance companies will rarely provide incentives for DIY roof maintenance.  The second choice is to hire someone like Nunez Roofing to do the job.

Not only does our team have extensive experience in repairing, replacing, and maintaining roofs, but we are also local to the area.  This means that we have experience with local weather conditions, animal life, and potential sources of roof damage.  This is a benefit to you since we know what to look for and how to handle potential problems.

How Often Should You Do Maintenance on Your Roof?

Nunez Roofing recommends having a professional roof inspection at least once a year. This is especially important if you live in an area with severe weather conditions like high winds or heavy snowfall. During an inspection, a roofing contractor will check for any damage and make repairs as needed. They’ll also clear away any debris that could cause problems in the future.

In addition to yearly inspections, you should also have your roof cleaned on a regular basis. This helps to remove any dirt, leaves, or other debris that could clog drains and Gutters and lead to water damage. Most homeowners can handle roof cleaning themselves, but it’s always best to consult a professional if you’re not sure how to proceed.

If you’re interested in discussing the idea of roof maintenance, please feel free to give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you.