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How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

how long does it take to replace a roof

Having an efficient and durable roofing system is paramount in preserving the overall health of your home. Without it, it would be incredibly hard for us to keep water, wind, and moisture from entering our house’s interiors. Not only will it protect us from the different elements of the weather, but it will also make sure that we’re warm by providing enough insulation. However, just like every material in the market, roofs do have a lifespan which depends on the quality of the material that’s being used. 

Sooner or later, we’ll have to replace our roof, especially if the current roofing material on your roof is already past its expected lifespan. Roof replacements can be one of the most momentous times in a home owner’s life. Homeowners will have to invest thousands of dollars on the roofing materials, the labor cost, and the professional fee. 

But before we get into the average timeframe of each roofing material that you’ll be installing on your roof, we have to first look into what are some factors that we have to weigh in.

Signs To Look Out For

Roof replacements aren’t just something that you can commission a roofing specialist to work on in one day and take the same day to finish, it’s going to usually take a week on average. Investing in a roof replacement will take time, money, and effort. As such, it’s highly recommended that we first take a good look at our roof and extensively inspect it before anything happens.  

But before you can make any final decision on whether you should replace your roof or not, we have to first look at the telltale signs of damage first and what are some signs that your roof needs a replacement. 

Sagging Roof 

A sagging roof is one of the most extreme signs that you need to replace your roof. Typically, this signifies that your roof is already past its life expectancy and it’s only a matter of time before it collapses. As such, a sagging roof can be a safety hazard to everyone inside your house. If ever your roof is sagging, it’s best to contact your local roofing specialist as soon as possible. 

Organic Growth

When water and moisture is trapped inside your roof or when it seeps towards the leaks of your roof, this can lead to the formation of molds and mildews. Molds and mildews are a clear sign that a roof has been subject to negligence. Moreover, moss and molds can accelerate rotting and rusting on the support structures of your roof it does retain water. 

Granules On The Gutter

It’s best to keep a lookout for granules on your gutters if you’re using asphalt and architectural shingles or even natural slate tile roofs. Granules are a tell-tale sign that your roof’s roofing material has been constantly exposed to flowing water and other elements of the weather and is already getting past its life expectancy.

Factors To Consider

Nature is generally unpredictable; one day you’re working on your roof and then it will suddenly rain or high winds will make working conditions hazardous. For safety purposes, contractors will not put anybody in harm’s way when the weather condition is not cooperating. If you’re in an area that’s prone to high winds or heavy rains, you’ll need to take this into account when replacing your roof.

The best time to replace your roof is during a season where it’s generally sunny and when your roof is dry throughout the whole week. It’s highly recommended to keep an eye on the Sulphur Springs local weather station so you’ll be able to make a prediction on what the weather will be like throughout the whole week. 

Timeframe For Each Roofing Material

Let’s say that your roofing contractor is working on a roof with an average area of 1700 square feet. If we assume that the weather will be sunny across the entire week and there will be no disturbances in the roof replacement, then it will take the following days for each roofing material. 

We’ll be enumerating what are the most common roofing materials that are used in the market ranging from the easiest to install towards the longest roofing material to replace.

Material         Days to work on

Flat roof                     2 – 3


Asphalt shingles       1 – 2


Wood shakes           3 – 4


Synthetic Slate         3 – 5


Concrete Tile            8 – 9


Steel sheets              3 – 4


Natural Slate             6 – 7


Overall, there’s really no one definite answer to this question and will ultimately depend on the material that you’re using. if you take into account the different factors like the weather, how common the roofing materials are, and the area of the roofing Sulphur Springs TX, you’ll be able to get a good estimate of the timeframe that will take to install your roof. 

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