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Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing: Why Hiring an Expert is Essential

When it comes to roofing Sulphur Springs TX, flat roofs are a completely different animal than pitched roofs, and need be treated accordingly. When done correctly, the flat roof system has many advantages to both your home and business.

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Environmentally Responsible Roofs

Flat roofs are not just pleasant to the eye; they are also environmentally friendly as they reflect at least 90 percent of the sun’s rays ensuring the heat doesn’t enter your commercial or residential building.


Choosing Flat Roof Applications

Another reason to get the expert help of a contractor like Nunez Roofing LLC when installing a flat roof is the number of different roofing types and applications available.  Simply put, each type of flat roof system has their own advantages, disadvantages, and even designated uses.  Some applications are designed to update an existing structure, while others are meant primarily for new construction.  It can be a difficult to choose the right one for your needs.

Some factors to consider when choosing your flat roof applications include installation costs, energy saving, and maintenance requirements. Nunez Roofing has over 10 years’ experience installing and repairing flat roofs in East Texas area for industrial, commercial and residential buildings. So if your existing roof needs to be replaced, our expert technicians can evaluate your specific needs and help you in selecting the best flat roof for your situation.

Flat roof installation can be a complicated process. Not every contractor has the skills and expertise needed to install a flat roof correctly.  It’s a good idea to make sure the contractor you hire has not only the resources but also a complete knowledge of flat roofing installation. Nunez Roofing is equipped not only with the best-trained crews but correct tools and equipment for this kind of roofing.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Flat Roofs

While flat roofs are normally seen on commercial buildings, their use in residential structures, especially in East Texas is becoming popular.  Like any other roofing system, they do have advantages and some disadvantages too.  As your first choice in a roofing company, we at Nunez want to make sure you are well informed when it comes to flat roofs and all they have to offer.


Flat Roof Advantages

Expense: When it comes to installation, upkeep, and even replacement, flat roofs potentially cost much less per square foot compared to pitched roofs.  This is based on the overall ease of installation, materials, and overall speed of installation.

Space: Once a flat roof is installed the space on the roof is available for many additional uses. Possibilities include a rooftop garden, installing your air conditioning system or solar panels on the roof, or even creating a deck to view the great Texas sunset. Plus, since these things are out of sight from the street, your curb appeal won’t be diminished.

Versatile interior space: In addition to all the outer space, flat roofs afford building owners a versatile inner space. The top-floor apartment and the attic becomes easily available without encumbrances such as the sloped walls that come with the conventional pitched roof giving you many options on what to do with the available interior space.

Accessibility: A flat roof is more accessible than a sloped one. Tasks such as making repairs, cleaning gutters or installing solar panels and satellite dishes become much easier.


Flat Roof Disadvantages

Lack of drainage: This is the leading disadvantage of flat roofs as they don’t drain as efficiently as pitched roofs. Unless a proper drainage system is established, water will almost always puddle and stay on the roof.  This can lead to leaks at seams or ventilation pipes.

Fewer options: While the types of materials used in flat roofs has expanded greatly, most flat roofs you have encountered are made of bitumen, TPO, EPDM, other rubber material, or metal. Thankfully, many of these options now come with a wide range of styles, so finding one to fit your distinct style isn’t as difficult as before.

Specific Roof Structures are Needed:  Another disadvantage of flat roofs is that when it comes to residential buildings, specific design structures or considerations are needed.  Simply put, it may not be feasible to replaced a pitched roof with a flat one without some considerable architectural changes to the home.

While installation a flat roof is certainly a personal choice, we urge you to give us a call to discuss all the options available to you.  We’d love to help you find the right flat roof for your needs!