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Effective Ways to Tell if you have Missing Roof Shingles

Visually checking if there are any missing roof shingles should not become dangerous. Whenever you walk around on your shingles, there is a high possibility that they will break. It may be more beneficial if you keep your feet on the ground. Whenever you are in doubt, it would be better to ask for help from a professional roofing service. They may have drones that can get close even up to your roof’s corners. However, the use of a common pair of binoculars may still suffice.

How will I become aware if my house has missing roof shingles?

The rectangular pieces of material coated in asphalt that cover your home’s wooden roof are shingles. Aside from deflecting harmful debris and light, they also keep wind and every type of precipitation out. This sturdy roof can be your initial defense against, any pests like rodents and birds. Whenever the shingles are missing, problems may surely get inside the home. It is essential to replace them when you can no longer find them.

By using a set of binoculars, you can survey the roof from top to bottom and left to right. Check out every shingles so you can make sure that they are in a solid condition that sits flat on the rood. It may be normal for any ne roof to have some of the granular asphalt coatings disappear. Try not to worry whenever you gutter have some granules after the completion of repairs and new installation. However, if the roof is getting older and starts to lose its coating, you may need to have the balding shingles replaced immediately.

It may be obvious if there is a severely damaged or missing shingle. Whenever an asphalt shingle goes missing, it will leave a hole on the cover of your roof.

Signs of Missing Roof Shingles

Whenever roof shingles go missing, pests and moisture often enters your home. It is quite common to notice these problems before realizing that the roof needs a lot of work. However, missing shingles may not be the only possible cause. It could be tough to get an accurate diagnosis.

Oftentimes, professional identify if there are problems in the roof so much faster compared to property owners. It can be a struggle to determine the cause even for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts. After the roofer witnesses the red flag, you need to start on any affordable repairs. Prevention may go a long way whenever your home’s integrity is at stake.

Professional roofers can safely and immediately check your roofing shingles’ security. Aside from that, these people can make sure that all of them are securely in place. If the company is reputable, they are most likely to have insurance that can handle whatever mistake that may occur. Avoid getting amateur roof repairs as they may get eventually become more expensive whenever a wrong move is made.

Roof Replacement vs. Patching


The replacement and repair of single roofing shingles may be one of the best ways that can preserve your roof’s integrity. New roofs should be able to last for around a decade but this may not happen whenever you don’t have proper maintenance. Roofing that may fall apart a shingle at a time may not provide the energy efficiency and best protection that you deserve.

Also, it may be quite expensive to replace the whole roof and this is often not required whenever a significant portion of your roof gets compromised. Whenever the roofing begins to appear similar to a patchwork quilt, replacement should be in order. You don’t need to worry about the replacement of one or two shingles. Any highly-qualified roofing company can provide you with the honest assessment of your roof’s health in case you’ll be needing one.


Immediately replace the shingles of your roof with the help of Nunez Roofing. Make sure to contact us whenever you see a sign so you can continuously benefit from your roof with minimal investment.

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